Upcoming Shows

February 25th-
Famous Sams East


March 2nd-
Grind X at the Hut


March 10th- Old Father Inn


March 17th-Omalleys


March 25th-Casino del Sol Paradiso Lounge


April 1st-The GRIND at The Hut


April 6th-Grind X at the Hut


April 7th-Old Father Inn


April 8th- Wedding


April 21st- Famous Sams

Band Profile

Grind is a powerful quartet that provides the punch and entertainment you want for any special event, wedding or night club experience.

This Tucson, Arizona based band has over 6 years of playing experience as a group but, individually over 100 years cumulative experience. Even though based in Tucson, Grind is no stranger to travel as they have done events and clubs all over Arizona, California and New Mexico and will service all 50 states.
Grind believes that entertainment should be just that, entertainment! The reason for a band is to be picked up off your duff and get on a dance floor. To feel involved in what is happening in the night and, to go home saying, “that was the best band I have ever heard”. Well, if those are the responses you want to have, then GRIND is the choice for your professional entertainment.
If not, you may want to get that violin and piano duo for the corner of the room šŸ™‚

Grind plays a massive variety of songs from many groups. With amazing lead vocals by Brook SampleĀ and Michael Charron, they bring the awesome blend of female and male lead vocal music thus keeping variety at its pinnacle. Brook’sĀ amazing vocal range allow her to cover such greats as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Pink, Katy Perry, Adele, Pat Benetar, Heart to mention a few while, not leaving out tunes from Journey, Bryan Adams, Black Crows, Beatles, Bruno Mars, and more.

The goal of the night with Grind is variety…Rock, Dance, R & B, Motown, Country, Hard Rock, and Pop. No style of music is left out with Grind.

So, if you need to rock the night away in your local club or tavern or, make your special wedding day or special event more special, GRIND is the choice for your musical needs.

Brook Sample

Ray Parrish

Michael Charron

Scott McGowen