Upcoming Shows

January 20th-Noble Hops with GRIND

January 26th-Casino Del Sol with GRIND

February 2nd-The HUT with GRIND

February 16th-Old Father Inn with GRIND

February 23rd-Famous Sam's [Golf Links and Kolb] GRIND

March 10th-Noble Hops with GRIND

March 30th-Old Father Inn with GRIND

April 13th-The HUT with GRIND

April 20th-Famous Sam's [Golf Links and Kolb] GRIND

April 21st-Casino Del Sol with GRIND

April 27th-Gaslight Theater with GRIND - Oro Valley

May 26th-The HUT with GRIND

June 15th-Casino Del Sol with GRIND

August 10th-Casino Del Sol with GRIND

Brook Sample


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Brook Sample was born in Phoenix, AZ raised in a small town called Jones, Oklahoma. As soon as she graduated high school from Jones she moved to Tucson, AZ to chase her dreams and fulfill her passion and love for music. She has been a talented vocalist for as long as she can remember and has had many fortunate opportunities to showcase her talent. Whether it be talent shows, singing the National Anthem, or performing in a band Brook will forever pursue her dream to become the best vocalist she can be.

Brook Sample

Ray Parrish

Michael Charron

Scott McGowen