Upcoming Shows

January 20th-Noble Hops with GRIND

January 26th-Casino Del Sol with GRIND

February 2nd-The HUT with GRIND

February 16th-Old Father Inn with GRIND

February 23rd-Famous Sam's [Golf Links and Kolb] GRIND

March 10th-Noble Hops with GRIND

March 30th-Old Father Inn with GRIND

April 13th-The HUT with GRIND

April 20th-Famous Sam's [Golf Links and Kolb] GRIND

April 21st-Casino Del Sol with GRIND

April 27th-Gaslight Theater with GRIND - Oro Valley

May 26th-The HUT with GRIND

June 15th-Casino Del Sol with GRIND

August 10th-Casino Del Sol with GRIND

Michael Charron

Lead guitarist:

Michael Charron set off on a mission 6 years ago.  The mission is to develop a band that did not have to fall into just one genera of music but, could be a band that plays it all with edge and attitude. GRIND was born. Michael has played guitar since he was 9, first influenced by Kiss and their national prime time TV debut on ABC. He turned to his father and said, “that’s what I want to do with my life”. Well many years later, no make-up and nowhere near the fame of Kiss, Michael still chases the dream of being the best guitarist, musician and entertainer he can be.   With influences like Eddie Van Halen, Kiss, Journey, Steve Vai and Jimi Hendrix, you’re sure to hear a lot of edge in the music of Grind. In his own words, “local entertainment needs a Red Bull, it’s too chill. People are there to be entertained, we entertain them!”

Michael has been in all kinds of musical groups in his years of music from rock, heavy metal, country and even Christian rock bands. The variety of music has allowed him to be able to grasp all styles of music in the best way and, find the ultimate blend that will please anyone from any age.

When you come to a GRIND show with Michael and gang, expect to be electrified and brought to the dance floor over and over again.


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Ray Parrish

Michael Charron

Scott McGowen