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August 26th-The Hut


September 8th-Old Father Inn


October 20th-Old Father Inn


October 27th-Famous Sam's East Golf links and Kolb


November 3rd-Old Father Inn


November 17th-Famous Sam's East Golf links and Kolb


November 24th-Casino Del So


December 22nd-Old Father Inn


Ray Parrish

Electric, bass:

Ray Parrish, born in the hills of Butcher Holler learned from a ripe, young age that nothing in life is for free and, nothing gets handed to you.
If you want something, you take the bull by the horns and get it.
Ray Parrish spent hours and days wood sheading to become the amazing talent that he is today. There is no bass line too groovy, or too intense for Ray Parrish He has truly mastered his instrument. He also takes a lot of pride in his physical and spiritual development. Ray embraces his full spirit of mind, body and soul.
You will hear it in his bass playing through the course of a night and, you will not be able to resist dancing and moving to the groove that is laid down in front of you. Gracing stages of Tucson, Phoenix, California and so many more for over 40 years, you will never feel a better groove than while watching Grind with The Temple.
So, be prepared, bring your dancing shoes when its GRIND time with Ray Parrish!!

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Ray Parrish

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